Saturday, May 05, 2007

Notes 8 with Notes 7 (and/or 6 ? ) on the same workstation

I think I've complained before that I used to be able to run on the same workstation, Notes clients v4 with v5, then v5 with v6. Suddenly I was not able to run Notes 6 and Notes 7 as separate installations. Notes 7 kept upgrading my 6 install ...
This was a big step back for adopting Notes 7 for my current work.

Although technically new stuff (see this), Notes 8 will in fact upgrade your Notes 7 install (and probably my Notes 6 install) by default. Unless you do what they say in the 'readms_beta2.pdf' file which can be downloaded from IBM:

Notes 8 Beta and Notes 7.x coexistence

..... With that understanding, follow the steps below to install Lotus Notes 8 Beta on a machine that also has Lotus Notes 7.x installed: ...

and the procedure is just the same I used to do when installing R5 beside R4, then R6 beside R5 .... Basically, break the current Notes install by renaming your binaries and data folder. Then, do a install of the new version. Check this pdf if you want to take this track, I am just signaling that this is possible. Again. Hurray !
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