Wednesday, May 30, 2007

good article about Domino vs Exchange

I´ve got this via Steve´s blog and I think its true.

Not trying to start discussions here, just present the facts to your management: Domino is better than Exchange. Read this loud in your office room so that everybody learns: Domino is better than Exchange. When they will ask why, download and show them this pdf article

I agree, it´s written by an ibmer. So what, you still need to install a plethora of MS products in order to compare with Domino.

One last thing I´ve learned these past 8 years: both do messaging, BUT:
- with Exchange, you need to ask: how the hell can I develop anything related to collaboration ?
- with Domino, you need to ask: how the hell the Designer works, what are all these forms, views, documents, ACL, pages, agents ? doh ... can I write Java agents ? yes you can. ok ok, I´ll get back later, so what are the forms and documents ?

The Domino enterprises considering the migration to Exchange are bad managed. The effort does not worth it. The gain is zero, as in null.

If new companies currently running FOSS messaging consider choosing between the two, I have to say that a small shop Exchange (up to 200 users) might beat Domino. Because MS´s politics is: so, you bought Windoze. Get this Exchange as well, it´s free, came with that Windows server you´ve bought.

Happy reading, say it again: Domino is better than Exchange :)
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