Tuesday, May 15, 2007

curious how things sometimes ties together ...

I was just having a conversation yesterday about Outlook vs. Notes. My friend Florin (best unix/linux/windoze security/networking expert there is) argued that:

- "oh my, in Outlook I just have a button which makes it work offline".
- me: "well yes, in Notes you can make a local replica just as easy"
- "replication ... doh, way too complicated, I just have a button in Outlook which makes it work offline and thats it. No need to know where my .nsf in on server, then create the local replica ..... "

Don't even know when MS introduced the offline working for Outlook (local *.pst file, actually) and I no longer care, I'm using Thunderbird :-P

However, interesting enough, seems that Outlook interface is the standard for messaging these days (even Thunderbird looks pretty much like Outlook instead of Notes) and IBM was listening/designing/recovering the gap on this, with the Notes 8 client.

Via Mary Beth's blog, here's your button for "Notes offline access": it's called Make available offline
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