Tuesday, June 23, 2009

RAD / RSA performance - tip

If you think other Java IDEs are snappier then either RAD or RSA, you might be right. This was my impression as well after recently starting to use Rational Eclipse tools on a daily basis.

However, just as I was posting an article on the internal IBM's blogging network asking for help, I ran into this article which gave me an idea to try. Right, afterall Eclipse is the foundation of RAD / RSA / RMC and whatever Rational products :)

So I did. On windows, in the tool's installation directory, you'd find the eclipse.exe / eclipse.ini pairs. What I did was to change following parameters in eclipse.ini:



In my install -XX:PermSize was not there, but looking at above article I added it.

What this does is to set the min / max size of JVM's heap the same, so that the effort to resize the heap is no longer necessary.

Guess what, my RSA install really looks snappier. I'll be working with the tool, hopefully these small complaints are gone now.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

the reason I don't tweet

here's why : an fellow IBMer responds on Twitter to some query about some sensitive project, read the story here

I have no details on the story itself. I only see that an IBMer gets in a mess because he allows itself to say the word 'ridiculous'.

So, be carefully what you write, when you write and who's your audience.

This is why you won't see me on Twitter. I don't fancy this real-time kind of information exchange, to throw things out in the air, without second or third rethink about my writings.

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