Friday, July 21, 2006

saving the day !!

well, being in some sort of time crisis, I needed a quick way to change multi-valued fields on multiple documents. Usually when I needed this I would create an agent and perform the task myself. It just got to me that I need a clever tool to reuse it whenever I might need it again. With littke diggin', here is the tool, thanks to our

Joe Litton - ChangeFieldValue

Thanks, Joe !

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

multiple IE versions on the same machine ?!

I am working these days to reproduce an error which seems to appear only on IE 5.0 and some versions of IE 5.5 which are using Scripting Engines older than version 5.6 (is the JS error “Error: Unexpected Quantifier” ring a bell ? ).
We do have an old machine which was kept only for this specific purpose, of testing against 5.5.

And I get the idea of searching if somebody ever tried to run multiple versions of IE on the same machine. Guess what, they actually managed to get this going. How ? Well, read the following article: which I found thanks to one of my preffered sites,
And to cut the chase, this is the link to the packed versions of IE, ready to unzip and run on the same machines:

I will soon give it a try, hopefully this will work ... Anyway, this is another way thank to the effort taken to put this is place. IE sucks :)

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