Tuesday, November 21, 2006

get back to where you once belonged ...

Thought this line taken from Beatles (not remembering the name of the song, nevermind) would be the best description for what I did these days ... meaning get rid of Outlook and reverse all my mails to Notes 6.5

Yeah, I know, I was/am a Notes developer without using the mail on Notes :)
Fact is that for me it really didn't care the mail client, that is, until I get mad on Outlook because it started to be so f..ing slow past couple of months. Add to this the crappy search ... So damn it, I migrated ! The migration ('nupgrade 3' from the command line) went smooth, about 1 hour taken to convert the .pst files - yes, multiple ones :) - to one big smootchy .nsf database which I am now using as an archive.

I used to have the Lotus client accessing my internal POP3 account in 2003, when I've got sick of changing locations all the time (multiple IDs) in order to get my mail.

Well, now I've got sick of using Outlook. I figured I better change locations than not to be able to find emails when I need them.

So, getting back to where I once belonged ... to the mail on Lotus Client.

I will also try and run 6 and 7 on the same machine. I'll get back when I'll manage to do it, not so easy ... It keeps trying to upgrade my 6 installation, but I need it for my development work ! I only want 7 for POP3 mail, just for fun :) Found an article though describing how to modify the registry to allow the coexistence. Once I did it I could installed 7 in a different location, but all executables were deleted from my 6 installation.

So, I will try and hack the damn thing, same as I did when running 5 and 6 simultaneously :)

update: does not work !! even if I managed to keep same executables (which apparently are the same). I gave up this track, reverting back to 6 so I could continue my development work.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

still kicking around

this is to let you know I'm not dead, it's been some crazy weeks with lots of work to complete. I don't have something interesting to share with you, so I'll keep quiet for the moment ...

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