Sunday, February 08, 2009

Time-Tracking combination: Notes8.5 / timeEdition / Gcal

Finally, a solution for me to time track what I do, and have this information in my business Notes 8.5 calendar. It involves three pieces of software, but looks pretty nifty.

1. Notes 8.5 can display Google Calendar. If you didn't knew it, search or Saint Google on how-to accomplish this.
2. I discovered a pretty nifty piece of time-tracking software, thanks to LifeHacker site. It's name: timeEdition
What this software do so great, beside recording time on events ? It will create an event in the Google Calendar.

So, here it is. timeEdition -> Google Calendar to display items I recorded -> Sync back with the Notes 8.5

It remains for me to see if I'll be able to remember to record items, when I work on them. This is a matter of discipline. However, the benefit is for me to be able to tell one what I've been doing at one particular time or day.
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