Monday, January 26, 2009

RMC 7.5 exporting to MS Project - estimates in Work column

today I discovered how to solve an issue which has been bugging me for quite some time. I owe it to Peter Haumer, whose answer I happened to saw on some internal forum.

I think I've spoken before about Rational Method Composer (RMC) and how well suited is this tool for architects trying to put pieces together in projects, engagements, processes and the like. If you have no idea what RMC is up to, have a look here

Back to my issue: today I declare that RMC is my replacement for MS Project. While I am fully aware that RMC does NOT do what MS Project does, I do NOT use MS Project as much as I use RMC, that is, further than drawing the initial plan for an engagement. Or, for that matter, to open up other .mpp I receive :)

Up to couple of hours ago, I didn't knew that RMC can export the estimates for activities / tasks. You draw and plan your stuff into RMC, put estimates, adjust using estimating factors, and so on. Then, export the initial plan towards MS Project. Then, open MS Project and load RMC generated xml file. You'll find all your tasks there, even with dependency (at least for waterfall). Then, look for the Work column in order to find your estimates.

This actually completes the circle. RMC is good for reusing stuff (tasks/work items/roles ...). Project managers and customers are constantly asking for mpp files.

For me (not needing to track *.mpp files), it is so much easier to get what I already have, put the estimates, export to MS Project, then off you go. Look for the Work column, as well.

Life got simpler with this, thanks Rational :)
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