Wednesday, February 18, 2009

free MS utilities - today, sysinternals

It must have passed about 5 years (or maybe more) since I discovered the ProcessExplorer.exe utility built by Mark Russinovich at (at the time).

Now they've been bought by MS (good for them), and I sincerely hope MS will include Mark's utilities in their future OS (if they didn't already done so), and Mark would become a multi-millionaire, because it deserves it :)

I hope I'll never run my future OS on MS, since Ubuntu and Fedora come closer and closer to my ideal desktop. As a matter of fact, I've decided to wait for my next business laptop to make the replacement from XP to either Ubuntu or Fedora, since I cannot afford the waste the timeframe required to set everything up. But that's another story.

Every now and then I ran into "Windows experts", you now, those fellows with attitude, born with the MS OS in their arms, thinking they know everything ... and I ask: you're running ProcessExplorer.exe to kill that damn process which default Task Manager forbid you from killing, right ? And the answer is invariable the same: What is ProcessExplorer ?

So, if you read this blog or accidentally came on this article, or recognize yourself in above description, do yourself a favor and get the sysinternals suite, a 10MB download you'll never regret, if you claim the 'expert' keyword on your CV:

There are more useful utilities in the suite, it just happens I use procexp.exe all the time, and I don't claim I'm a Win expert ...

Next time we'll run into each other, you'll have no excuse for not knowing what ProcessExplorer is :)
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