Wednesday, September 24, 2008

piece of Portal 6.0.x I learned today

sometimes I have to dig/test/dig some more/test again/curse a little/ to get something done with this piece of Portal.
But when it's done, it's done. And little lessons can be added to this blog :)

So, what did I learned today ? That you actually need to perform a check-out/check-in ant tasks for WMM (WebSphere Member Manager) in order to have your changes effective.

I wanted to change the LDAP login attribute from 'cn' to 'uid' for a Portal Cluster install I'm working with right now. So I found this note:

Which is pretty explanatory, except for the fact that it didn't said you need to do these steps, in order:

> ./ check-out-wmm-cfg-files-from-dmgr

within /wmm/wmm.xml, change userSecurityNameAttribute from "cn" to "uid".

> ./ check-in-wmm-cfg-files-to-dmgr

Of course that's not all the story, but the part dealing with WMM should at least be listed as above. Which reminds me how poor these Infocenters are designed. All the information is there, but in pieces scattered within hundred of pages.

hmmm ...
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