Saturday, September 06, 2008

picassing and random thoughts

Two things:
1. I uninstalled Chrome. Because I saw some privacy concerns on some blogs, because I didn't liked it and because FF is too much great of a browser. As somebody said somewhere, if FF plugins will work with Chrome, its speed might be an argument. But Google has a long way to make it an useful browser. And I no longer have the time to test things just for fun. I'm sure it will be a good browser in a year time-frame from now on.

2. Instead, I've installed Picasa 3 beta. And I'm gonna keep it. If not for Picasa itself, it will be for the Picasa Viewer. Yes, now there's a viewer of most common picture files. And it's the best one I've seen so far, because it's fast. Real fast. Two smart things I've noticed: a) large pictures (2MB) are previewed instantly. b) rotation of a picture is not saved in the picture itself, but in picasa.ini of the picture's folder. This is causing your picture to stay unaltered, but preview them with the wanted rotation. And I think EXIF rotation makes it preview the picture with the correct rotation, just as IrfanView is doing. But I still have to confirm this.

And one last thought: Google, IBM and MS are giants in the software business (generally speaking, though domains are different). We should fight the giants and their monopolies. But how come I do have the impression that nobody's fighting Google and IBM, but only MS ?

And here's a possible answer: because both Google and IBM do clever stuff, from time to time. MS have clever people, but their clever results are hidden. Or maybe I am biased.

But Picasa 3 is good. It's a clever stuff. So it's Notes 8.5, AIX, Websphere, Portal, Connections, Lotus Forms and I could go on like this with IBM's stuff. With MS ... let's see: Active Directory. And ... come on, another cleverness for MS ... oh yes, the OS I'm writing this post on, aka Windows XP. But that's pretty much it. Or maybe I'm biased.
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