Friday, January 26, 2007

Five Things You May Not Have Known About Me

I was tagged by William Beh

This is fun, so here you have it:

1. I am the kind of sports-person who cannot find time anymore to practice his favorites sports. I've been playing tennis for about 15 years (starting at the age of 5). This is my "pro" sport, hardly can find a partner to compete :)
Also did/like cycling, basketball, karate shotokan (only 2 years, almost got my orange belt when I dropped it).

2. When I'll be 40 (now I have 32) I plan to get myself a powerful ride, something around 500Cc with two wheels. If it happens sooner, so be it :)

3. School was never among my preferences, nor was I an brilliant student. During the years I've learned that lack of brain can(somehow) be compensated with hard work and passion for what you do. But the passion is not always good. I've also learned that it's better to first listen than speak (leave the passion out), so I usually tend to keep quiet.

4. My first car was an ancient Dacia 1300 since 1982 (I think). Never heard of Dacia ? Then I owned a VW Golf II Diesel for three years. I have some adventures to tell about my old cars, this is why last year I've bought a brand new Ford Fiesta 2006, facelift model. No more car related problems and adventures, I get in and drive and that's it.

5. I always wanted to speak English with that specific accent of UK's people. I consider myself quite fluent with English (passed the Toefel exam, btw) but the brit accent is something I cannot learn. I suppose I have to live in UK for this to happen, or start reading Shakespeare not translated in my own language :)

Not sure if the following fellows have already been tagged, not having the time to fully check, but I now tag Andrei Kouvchinnikov and Ferdy Christant

Happy tagging :)
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