Friday, April 21, 2006

starting to learn XSLT ? here are some tools ...

As I wanted to take a closer look at this "language", I found myself loaded with lots of articles describing what it is, how to use it and so on ... much information useful theoretically, hard to apply in practice. Why ? because as I am not so familiar with XML syntax itself I could hardly focus on what's important to get things done. And what I want is simply to play a little bit with the XML generated by a ?readviewentries Domino command and trying to transform it into something more useful.

So I started to look on the net to find useful tools which can increase my learning curve into XML/XSLT stuff. After reading articles and stuff I did find a useful example list and a great tool

Both above links are great resources, because they allow you see step-by-step what is going on when you apply an XSLT to a XML source.

Actually, the ExchangerXML allows debugging of XSLT transformations, much like the examples mentioned above. And can be used free of charge for a beginner like myself. If I will go deep into this technology I will consider buying the full license, this is a very good piece of software.
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