Monday, April 17, 2006

Domino embedded groups solution ... done !

well, I finalized the solution and it is actually working, as you can see in the picture. The biggest challenge was to find a proper tree-view builder, free of use (as I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, that's what I love to open-source community). And the best I found and can recommend is the Yahoo Tree-View Builder

Next steps were to figure how to use it and put this widget to work under AJAX Domino technique of calling an agent which performs full text searches agains groups documents within a Domino Directory.

The agent is rather simple, calling query syntax of [Members] CONTAINS "name of group" and return the names.

Then, simple matters of JS coding and put together these pieces.

So, you start by entering a search string (can be the username or the group name), then the button 'search person' gets the search string and mocks with the tree-builder. Then, on each click of a result group, the agent is called behind the scene and builds the hierarchy of embedded groups.

As you see, 'radu cadariu' belongs to the 'group test1' . 'group test 1' is embedded in 'group test 2', which in turn is embedded in 'group test 3' and so on. I didn't check for the loop in the embedded groups which can obviously be noticed by the person who builds the hierarchy.

This tool is for Domino directories which contain a lot of embedded groups, as it was born out of necessity rather than fun. Anyway, it was fun to build it :)
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