Saturday, April 16, 2016

re-activated on my blog

Just having a new thing to publish and noticed I managed the performance to have only one article posted on my blog for 2015. That's being caused by multiple factors:

a) I consider 2015 to be a crap year, mostly because of issues happening to people close to me.

b) I became involved in a project where I'm mostly learning (new tech skills) and teaching others what I know about Eclipse / RTC / linux ... and everything else.

c) On social front I'm mostly active on Twitter, sharing / re-sharing snippets that interests me. For longer posts (like this one), I think I considered G+ and as alternatives to this blog. That is no longer true: G+ no longer interests me, and reached a point of growth where they're looking to start monetize.

So, longer posts than 140 chars will keep flowing on this blog, for as long as will be available with ads free, clean theme where I can write stuff that represents me.
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