Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Latest Rational Team Concert - 6.0.2 now, keep agile delivery going :). Playgrounds

Recently I've (re)started to get things going with RTC, to the level of getting up-to-date with the latest developments and tweaks one can do in RTC.

As I'm not good at writing long posts to sell you how good RTC is (and free for up to 10 devs) , I'll limit myself to the purpose of this post: to raise awarness of where to play with it (no costs, DIY the quickest)

Currently I have two options (if more, let me know in comments please):

1. free sandbox avail for 6 months ! (yah, not 30 days)

Here you need to login / create an account with some mail address. Use a free one, I do.

The thingies you do here have chances to get deleted later (than sooner), but I use this sanbox to do most of my studies before I apply changes to the actual project areas I use internally or for customers.

As the RTC concepts are the same as they were when RTC 1.0 started (I was playing that too :), this is mostly sparring me time of install/setup/configure. Ha, talk cloud advantage.

In the sanbox you can also access Quality Management and Requirements Management apps, which are part of the same platform, but yes, do different things :)

You can also invite others ! to your Project Area, so grab your team mates, have them play. Fair warning: stick them up for a while until they start grasping the concepts ! You'll be rewarded afterwards. And you'll thank me.

2. second option is called And I stop here, as Ralph's entry is much more detailed.
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