Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ubuntu conversion. First impressions.

I'm on the road of becoming another linux convert. For the moment I'm on dual boot with Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid and the old (3 years old) XP partition. So far so good, I'm expecting some glitches but hopefully none of them blocking.

I managed to configure the Notes 8.5 client with the embedded Sametime to use the data folder mounted on the XP partition, so from the business communication point of view I'm set. Small issues with the fonts of the Notes client, due to fonts not being the same.

However, huge improvements for the Notes client into the Linux world.

I also have a handful of useful Windows apps which I'm using on a daily basis (Xmind, Keepass, you know, free stuff) which just works on Ubuntu, and several others which can have replacements. For instance, having the customer's SSH hosts handy can be accomplished with a little package called sshmenu. Similar to putty clones on Windows, of which I think I've tested about 10 of them :)

Today was the first day 95% working under Ubuntu. This was a good day.
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