Thursday, June 24, 2010

longest tennis game in history. and a fun scoreboard.

If you know the score in tennis, this will interest you.

The next story happened today. These guys will start tomorrow finishing the fifth set. 2 consecutive games determines the winner. But now the score is 59-59. OMG !

Except this, the fun part is the scoreboard. Once it hit 50-50, it went baloney, starting all over from 0-0

Is this an analysis exception or some software bug ? Since the Wimbledon tournament is powered by IBM, I suspect some of my colleagues are having a tough night. If it's a software bug, then it can be solved. Or not :)

But if this an analysis exception, who in their right minds would have anticipated two players not being able to settle a set up to 50 ? As they say, never say never.
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