Saturday, August 02, 2008

Release 8.5_M1

This is the name for the Notes 8.5 beta 1 for windows, which was released .... I have no idea, does not matter.

However, since I will be gone for holidays for the next two weeks, what better way to start the vacation but to upgrade my business e-mail client to Notes 8.5 ?

So, the install was ... a little emotional, since I haven't backed up my /data folder as I usually do, and the first run didn't start the Eclipse framework at all. But the basic nlnotes.exe was starting so I relaxed and performed an uninstall, followed by an reinstall of Notes 8.5, which put things in order (if you didn't knew, since Notes 5, perhaps earlier, an uninstall of Notes did not deleted the data folder, so you're safe here).

While I don't really see a startup time improvement (actually I do think it's starting a bit slower than 8.0.1), Notes 8.5 seems to be a little responsive, it's based on Eclipse 3.4, and overall is better than the previous one.

update: well, after starting the Notes 8.5 client a few times since I wrote this, I can say it is faster than Notes 8.0.1, my previous version. As mentioned elsewhere, the starting sequence has changed, it got me while to get used to it. But it's faster, I was wrong :)

I also discovered a bug with Lotus Symphony, which I am too lazy to search where to report: if I open a new document, right-click on the tab to open it in new window, it will open a new spreadsheet instead of my document. Actually, if I save it and reopen, 'open in new window' does not work at all. Well ... its beta, you know :)

If some of you already know where to report this, please do so on my behalf, if not I will do it upon my return from vacation.
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