Wednesday, December 19, 2007

want to contact an IBMer ? could not be simpler ...

than sending an e-mail, of course :) But, just for the sake of it, you can Sametime IBMers. I found this today, though it might be old news for more experienced users/partners. There's an older article (2006) written by Chris Pepin as to how to proceed if you want to contact an IBM employee, if your organization uses Sametime internally, and of course if your employees have valid IBM accounts, which btw are free to create. Read the description here

As I've discovered today, there's no need to have the Sametime client within your organization, it's enough to access, authenticate with your IBM account and you'll recognize the standard Sametime default HTTP interface. There, you can just follow the "Launch sametime connect" link, which will launch the Java Sametime client, then just add the SMTP email address of the person within IBM you wish to contact.

If that person is online with the community, you can have a chat. As I've managed to join this community at my Sametime client startup, if you'd like to get in touch, I'm available on this method as well :)
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