Saturday, December 01, 2007

another notes 8 video. and some comments on my side.

here's a newly discovered video via the domino blogosphere. This got me thinking: can anybody evaluate the impact it will have on the market ?

At this moment, I think it will be huge, because:
- it now contains free office editors.
- it's redesigned, approaching the interface for the current mail clients - talking about Thunderbird, what did you think ? :)
- it leverage the Composite Applications buzz word which seems to be Eclipse-Java-RCP all the way. (I still need to find the time and get into the Expeditor, in order to better understand what's going on).

My idea is that probably 2008 and 2009 (two years frame) will demonstrate if IBM's strategy was right. I personally think it was, looking at how it is adopted.

When seen on my laptop, many colleagues are saying: wow. And several asked me: how do I upgrade, I want this. And they have it now. Of course we're IBM, but I've seen this reaction at customers as well. So, all and all, I think the adoption rate will be much higher than for the previous releases. And probably the conversion rate as well :)

Back to the clip, to improve this conversion rate:
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