Sunday, March 25, 2007

firefox 2 -> upgrade on fedora 6 64bit proc.

having fun with linux ? me too, specially when things finally works.

I upgraded my firefox installation from 2.0 to, using :
yum -y -t –enable=development update firefox
(via this)

then imagine what, I found that java plugin was no longer working. While I fixed this when I first installed Fedora Core 6, I have forgotten that running 64bit Firefox will break any 32bit plugin, including Java and Flash.

So, I found myself having the two versions of Firefox (32 and 64bit):

> sudo yum list installed | grep firefox
firefox.x86_64 installed
firefox.i386 installed

good, it means that by default the 64bit is launched, I needed to launch the 32bit version instead.
What to do ? this article , while shows a how-to for Firefox 1.5, provided the idea: I've made a copy of /usr/bin/firefox and rename it as /usr/bin/; then, I've edited the renamed script. I found below declarations and the simple and fast track was to remove the '64' string, so that this script would only use /usr/lib instead of /usr/lib64.

## Variables
MOZ_ARCH=$(uname -m)
case $MOZ_ARCH in
x86_64 | ia64 | s390 )
* )

I'm sure there are more elegant solutions, this one was simple enough and did the trick. Since I used to have all the fancy plugins working (in the 2.0 version), I didn't need to do anything else. It just worked, plain and simple.
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