Monday, December 04, 2006

up for a new adventure

well yes, a new adventure, this is what I'm calling switching my home desktop into Fedora Core 6.
Still dual booting with windoze for the moment, until I'll get some skills into mangling the linux . Skills which I had about 4 years ago, when I did managed some Domino servers into redhat 6, aix and solaris platforms.

Good old days !

I had some issues though, was not so easy installing, due to some strange hardware: I had an EpoX MB with AMD Sempron 2800+, 2 SATA disks and one IDE. I installed Fedora on the IDE disk, making sure I would not screw my data from the SATA disks (meaning keeping these disks unconnected).
Then, after GRUB modifying into trying to convince it to dual boot, it would not recognized my SATA disks, thus booting Fedora and not Windows :)

I scratched the web for 2 days when I found something related to Epox motherboards and Linux. Seems the SATA controller was lying somehow to GRUB and was not sending the real parameters of the SATA disks, thus GRUB could not boot the Windows.
Solution was to throw away the MB and get a new one, from GigaByte. Together with it I also changed the processor with a AMD Athlon 3000+ on 64bits - as a gift:) and everything is running smooth.

Reinstalled fedora x84_64 this time, which surprisingly comes with the xGL effects I mentioned into a previous post.

I actually feel I'm 5 years younger, there's a lot of new stuff to learn, starting with remembering the vi commands.
I'd like to see how difficult will be to run linux as a desktop, considering I'm not a total newbie. We'll see the following months.
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