Friday, September 01, 2006

subversion ? why not ! why ? read on ...

Today I finally found some time to look over Subversion, which was praised by a colleague of mine to be far more superior to CVS. While it took couple of hours to set it up and start running (as a newbie which I consider myself), I also started to have a look over the official book - after installation and mocking around, of course :)

Reading the first pages, I discovered why Subversion is better than CVS: because it was designed to be better. Here is the link to the page which describes these reasons.
Even if I didn't quite turn to Java (not yet, though this seems to be my development future), currently I design couple of applets/servlets/Java agents for Domino, using Eclipse. I also like the Aptana plugin, which allows me to build JS libraries and test things.

All my Eclipse environment for Java, as well as JS, was versioned with CVS. Guess what, after today's 'test-drive', I think I'll turn to Subversion.
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