Friday, September 22, 2006

Lotus Notes/Domino 7 ? who cares ? bring Hannover on ...

In this post, let me share some thoughts with you. I was thinking about the new released Lotus Notes/Domino 7 version. While I didn't installed/played with it, I think I could as well skip it. Why ? Because IBM is already planning the release of Hannover, which is in fact "Lotus 8". And the release year is 2007. Meaning almost 1 year from now on - ok, assume 1,5 years :)

Don't get me wrong. I am a Principal CLP into R5/R6 Administration, and I love Lotus. As stated into my description field on this blog, I first started with Exchange. 5. What times, what glory :) Then I've got addicted to IBM and their Lotus.

However, why bother with large deployments of Lotus 7, when Lotus 8 will be a totally different and new approach to the product ? Think about this: IBM promised integration with DB2 since Lotus 7 was first planned. They missed it, now delivered under 7.2 or something.

This is the point, and also the battle between IBM and its closest competitor (sic!) , Microsoft: to have a collaboration platform (mail,document management,workflow,security and so on) working with its core, on a relational database. What IBM is doing with it in Lotus 7, is an experiment. Or is a lean transition towards it.
Microsoft promised SQL Server as storage for Exchange, and they missed it by far. Guess what: Hannover will be the first collaboration platform to deliver it.

As recently heard, Eclipse will be able to speak with .nsf files, on API level. This is why the new Lotus 8 client is Eclipse based. This means that our .nsf flat databases are transforming. They are getting ready to be easily replaced by ... let's say, Apache Derby. Or Hibernate. Or ... DB2, SQL Server, Oracle and whatever RDBMS system out there.

Will I be right ? The future will tell ...
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