Friday, July 01, 2011

rambling social software

It's rather late here in .ro, but since twitter does not allow me to post more than ... uhmm 30 chars ?! ... uh perhaps more ... insufficient, I've got this ideas to share with you.

[btw, got this twitter account, not very happy, except I can follow interesting people posting interesting articles, and me sometimes posting ... what did I post ? almost nothing. Good, parenthesis closed]

Question: Social software - what is the difference between enterprise social software and , let's call it public social software ?

Enterprise social software: Lotus Connections, and ... not knowing much else
Public social software: google+ (yes, yes, the new one), facebook, hi5 [anybody remembering hi5?] and possibly many others that I'm not aware of.

When you're part of an enterprise (IBM is one, right ?), you have:
1. a job. You're kind of known by people, you know ? If you embarrass yourself by posting stupid things, you're risking something tangible. your job.
2. a reputation to live up to. no comment necessary here.
3. rules for using the social software. Like, you're now allowed to post embarrassing pictures, or whatever crossed one's mind after long night of drinking. See rule 1.

Now, let's see the "public social software". As I said, I'm not using them, nor I think I will ever will, so this is my imagination:
1. you can use dummy accounts. You can no longer be pretty anonymous these days, however you can.
2. you also can post pretty much everything. Except, of course the normally prohibited things.
3. you also have rules, who cares ? get another dummy account if you're banned.

And here comes my 2 cents:
Using enterprise social software, you're actually connected to what's happening to your job. So, you don't waste time. You find things, you get connected, you build your personal network, maybe new opportunities came across.

Using public social software, after a while at least, you're actually wasting time. I know, facebook is different. My wife has an account and she reconnected with people she lost contact with. But still, waste of time. If I have friends, I do because I call them and meet them, not because I put pictures or write updates on a site.

Don't get me wrong: I'm a regular user of: linkedin, gtalk, yahoo, blogspot, and more recently twitter. So I'm public socially connected. If someone wants to get in touch, send an email. My personal address available on this blog.

And here's what I found at this late hour about why is it that I don't like public social software: ...I don't like wasting time ...
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