Sunday, December 21, 2008

IOPES - new version

Remember I wrote a post about me using IBM Omnifind Personal Email Search (IOPES) ? Well, I'm still using it. Could not find another alternative, this is good enough for me searching about 8000 (and counting) locally stored mails, in one archive and one mail replica. On Lotus 8.5 beta2.

As I am writing this post, I've just installed (not upgrading, which is a feature request) the latest version which you can get it from

For the new version I hope they managed to reduce the memory footprint, so that I would not stop the engine each time I run other memory hog programs.

There's also an IOPES Outlook version, and from my past experience Outlook is worse than Lotus when searching more than 5000 locally stored mails. At least, without IOPES and relying on Lotus Full-Text Index, I know I can find what I am looking for by performing two searches. One in local mail replica, the second in archive.

With Outlook, I remember I just waited for the search to return something. Anything. Ok, the keywords were bad, I want to stop the search. How do I stop a search in Outlook ? Have no idea, I will check the Help. But now I want to find something with my keywords, Outlook not responding. And waiting .... and waiting ... and waiting ... and Ctrl-Alt-Del, and kill the process ... and rebooting. Damn ! Next time I'm afraid to search anything in Outlook, maybe I need to reboot :)

That's why, at that time, I switched to Thunderbird. q.e.d. :)
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