Tuesday, January 22, 2008

domino food for thought

so so, you know this week is the Lotusphere, right ?
Though I missed this year trip (which possibly I won't miss next year, who knows), this post is going to be a collection articles I found interesting (gathered through my RSS) from Lotusphere 2008. As the post title is saying, some domino food for thought ...

1. throw in NSD your custom app stack
2. wikis, wikis, wikis. It's not really coming from Lotusphere (meaning I knew it before hand but had no time to mention it on this blog) but it's for sure worth mentioning it. And do bookmark it: lotus related developerworks wikis
3. some new things coming into 8.5 from the web app developing side. When I started this blog I was doing just that, three years ago. Now it's fun to follow, for instance seemns that we'll be having Dojo built right into the Domino server. Pretty neat stuff, thanks for sharing, Dec !

more to come.
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