Saturday, July 07, 2007

heads up ! Notes 8 is comming !

new (for me) announcement caught through Sean's blog

seems that Notes 8 is to be delivered in august. This is great news, can't wait to start using it. While I wasn't eager to install and test the beta 3 on my 'production' environment, I am eager to start using the new toy when it's officially delivered. Testing on my fedora install with beta 2 wasn't so good because I did not had the patience to install a beta server as well, so the client is just standing there and doing nothing in particular. I played with the OpenOffice installation of Notes 8 beta 2 but that's about it. Soon after I got caught in the process of changing my job so the focus got lost somehow on the new Notes client.

Don't get me wrong: I may have switched the profession from developer (more or less) to IT Architect, but the first love is never forgotten. While I am now using Notes as the regular e-mail client (IBM's standard, go figure :), I would love to see the new client Notes 8 in action dealing with my business mail.
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